Addicted to love,
I will not lie

Love is my drug,
Watch me get high

You see her,
I see a victim

I’ll open her up,
In every way

I’ll tear down her walls,
and her defence

She’ll let me in,
Love me to death

I’ll get board,
It is who I am

She blame her self,
Your dam right it is

Do not judge,
It is who I am

I love the game,
The best I am

Don’t be mad,
I’ll make her strong

I’ll show her a world,
Where nothing is lost

You know I know,
I am the best

A thive a hearts,
A taker of innocence

Hate who I am,
But you’ll never see my face

I lie dormant,
In this disgrace

I am not the only one,
Just the one who confessed

For so I say,
I love you forever,

Forever today,
The names …

But it does not matter,
I’m Just a hopeless romantic

Addicted to love,
So give me your hand

I’ll take you to away,
The ride of your life

So be warned,
I have no remorse

All I have to say is

Love with caution…


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